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Y our Ukrainian trip will be completed and memorable if you bring home the souvenirs. The ceramics, designed according to the region where it was crafted. Vyshyvanky or dresses embroidered with the traditional Ukrainian patterns. Handicrafts made of woolen or woven items. Pysanky (Easter eggs) and rag dolls, Carpathian tea or Lviv chocolate – the main thing is that the souvenir meets the main principle: it should depict the nature of the country of origin. Or maybe you want to buy the product of the world brands? Ukraine can offer for visiting both the European shopping malls with a variety of famous brands and the local handicrafts studios providing the traditional souvenirs. Choose the style of your shopping and enjoy purchasing!

Gulliver Shopping Mall (Kyiv)

One of the biggest shopping centers in Ukraine is full of famous brands – from the most prestigious and expensive to affordable. The supermarket is located in the basement. The recreation area includes fitness center, playground area, bowling, movie theater, cafés, and restaurants.

Dafi Shopping Mall (Kharkiv)

The mall provides clothes of famous brands, movie theaters, playgrounds for children and many other options.

Fabryka Shopping Mall (Kherson)

This shopping center has on offer a broad choice of clothes, shoes, and very popular brands in this sphere. The movie theatres and playgrounds with the trampolines will entertain anybody.

Pryvoz market (Odessa)

The market history has been lasting for two centuries. Pryvoz supplies the locals and city guests with both the products and gossips with jokes. It will be a pleasant adventure to buy the products for your dinner witnessing the special behavior and character of the Odessa residents.

Kurazh Bazar market (Kyiv)

At this flea market, one can find sometimes unexpected and antique things. Vintage and super modern, necessary and usual trifles – everyone will find something to his or her taste. Food at the market is delicious and of all kinds. And the rest activities here can be very interesting.

Mrii Marii Store(Kyiv)

This store offers the quality ethnic souvenirs – clothing, accessories, ceramics, decoration, and many other handmade things.

Ukrainian Shopping Lifehacks

In Ukraine there are no settled or regular bargain sales – it depends on the store or market. The discounts may be provided on account of any holiday in a city or town.

You can bargain at the market but it stands on the situation. Many salesmen include the discount in the price that is why you may not know which price was to be expected.

Often the bargain sales happen after the holidays or at the end of the season when they need to sale the items unsold during the season. You should be attentive to see the advertisement for discounts – it can be shown in a very unexpected place. Often the markets do not work on Monday, and on the weekends the time of closing maybe earlier.


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