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Black archaeology is illegal. However, it can sometimes be a useful service for history. So, if you decide to visit Vinnitsya, be sure to visit the Vinnitsya Museum of local lore. In the city, the regional state administration told about the amazing “replenishment” in the collection of the Museum. Unknown archaeologists decided to return the treasures found in the property of the Ukrainian people.

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The treasure was found near the town of Gaisin. Initially, the jewelry was to replenish the private collection of one of the millionaires, but the discoverers contacted the famous archaeologist Maxim Levada and asked him to transfer the treasures to the Museum.
The found set is pure silver. Oriented leaf torque necklace from lunnitsy and pendants of various shapes. The jewelry has no analogues among the archaeological finds of Ukraine and date back to the V century.

“Such finds of that period in our territory are very rare, because in the V century BC the connection with the Roman Empire was broken. New states were beginning to emerge on the territory of Europe, and the flow of silver to this territory had almost stopped. The Huns looted everything that was possible, and the early Slavs then almost had no jewelry made of precious metals. This is a unique find for us, which will certainly take its rightful place,” the Museum says.
In the near future, the silver treasure will be exhibited in the Museum. This is the first Museum exhibit of the V century BC.
The Museum of local lore in Vinnitsya is located at 19 Sobornaya street.

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