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Each of us at least once dreamed to return to the childhood, and there – dreams again about a toy country. Such a small country was created in the most romantic city of Ukraine – Lviv, in the courtyard of an ordinary high-rise building. This place has been a haven for lost and abandoned toys for many years. Here you can find both old, Soviet and modern exhibits.

How did this happen?

1474606175164833585-1024x682  The legend of the yard says that one man, a resident of the house, found a lost teddy bear and placed it against the wall, hoping for the return of the owner. But time passed, and no one came for the bear. Then the children from the same yard took out their old toys for the bear didn’t feel abandoned. The “company” for the plush friend began to grow rapidly, and now the yard turned into a real open-air museum of toys.
The entrance to this small museum is free. The courtyard is located in the heart of Podzamcze, the street of Prince Leo, 3. If you are  in Lviv – be sure to come.

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