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If the city has tired you with a mad rhythm, and daily vanity does not allow your soul to breathe and blossom, hammering it with momentary, and not important trifles at all, that is a place where you can dump this unbearable load and experience the bliss of unity with the higher forces. One of the main holy places of Ukraine – Lyadovsky Holy Useknovensky rock monastery –  is located in Mogilev-Podolsky district of Vinnytsia region – almost on the border with Moldova.

From antiquity to the present day

Everyone who has been here, noted the unique atmosphere, as if some grace descends and fills you with harmony, peace, tranquility. The monastery was founded by Anthony Pechersky, making the way from Athos to Kiev. An ancient legend says that Antony heard the voice of God in this place, which told him to establish a monastery here. Then the pilgrim cut his hair into monks and carved himself a cell, which became the main Shrine of the monastery.
Now pilgrims from all over the world come here to enjoy the incredible nature, because the majestic monument is surrounded by rocks and forests, where the air is especially clean, and thoughts become lighter. And also there is a monastery, so everyone who comes here must comply with all the rules: women must go in headscarves and skirts. Here you can find miraculous icons and healing springs, find a piece of God in yourself and feel the spirit of Eternity, and even ask the Higher powers for something hidden.

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