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Where is it possible to go shopping, meet the celebrities and be involved in charity? That’s right, at the charity clothing fair “Courage Bazaar” which will be held on may 25-26 in Kiev, in the 19th pavilion at VDNH. The entrance to the flea market will cost only 150 hryvnia (agree, for a big deal it’s a penny).

xZlBrb11CEk  In one hour

In one hour, you can buy a raincoat, glasses or accessories, brooches and paintings, books, starting with the heart of the exhibition. For an hour, you can “catch” a star and make a selfie. For an hour, you can dance listening to the mixes from Dmitriy Dir or Katro Zauber. Eat at the food court. Taste the author’s tea cocktails.

For three hours

fudkort-1-5aab860e42f97-5b894a31e2f64-1024x684  That’s enough time to get around the whole fair. See the exhibition of the project “Be any”, created by four famous Ukrainian photographers. Roman Pashkovsky, Sergey Sarakhanov, Dasha Shramko and Ksenia Kargina worked on it. The exhibition teaches self-acceptance and helps to heal from complexes. For three hours, try a little bit of goodies in several of the 40 gastro-points of the best restaurants in the capital. These dishes are loved by Matt Damon, Lady Gaga and Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can carry home these dishes and treat loved ones. At the fair, you can test drive an electric BMW i3s, drink cocktails and whiskey, go to the Bad Boy shop for wine. The main thing is not to drive drunk! Numerous quests, quizzes, raffles and contests are held at the fair.

A separate pride of the charity “Courage Bazaar” is the children’s area. There is a large inclusive platform for all children, a magic sandbox, master classes and activities for every taste and age.

But it is better, of course, to spend the whole day here – believe us, there is enough entertainment for everyone!

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