Resort location


The old Ukrainian resort Yaremche has become the main tourist center of the Sub-Carpathian. It is located in the intermountain trough of Carpathian, in the mountain massive Gorgan near the Prut river, 60 km from Ivano-Frankivsk. The population of this small town is about 8,000 residents. The location is perfect for rest – here many transport routes are crossing, and getting to any spot of the Carpathian will take only about 4 hours. The town is also interesting – there are waterfalls, virgin forests, gutsul culture open for the tourists.


The climate in Yaremche is moderately cold and very humid. It rains much in spring and summer, and it is very snowy in winter. The weather is unique thanks to the different landscape – each basin, meadow or hill has its own climate.

What is included in the resort

Yaremche includes more than 40 touristic and recreation health resorts, 100 destinations for green tourism. Almost half of the territory takes Carpathian National Nature Park established in 1980.

Attractions and structure

The history of Yaremche is quite rich and takes more than 100 years. The resort specialty is the wonderful landscapes, loud and amusing celebrations of the national holidays, crystal water and clean air. Tourism and recreation are developing in the town all the time.

Unlike Bukovel being the major habitat of the skiers, Yaremche is perfect for the beginners – there are two skiing tracks of 300 m and 200 m with the elevation of 70 and 30 m respectively.


Other advantages are the following:

  • Bar lift,
  • Rental of sports equipment,
  • Personal training with a trainer.

Winter in Yaremche is a dream – it starts to snow early, the weather is mild. If you don’t like skiing, you may go sledding on your own or in a horse sled, go by snowmobile or four-wheeler. And the excursions are held in winter as well.


Yaremche provides such touristic routes as Path of Dovbush, Kaminka, and others. The tourists can admire the waterfalls Probii, Huk, Girl’s tears. You can shoot the rapids from Vorokhta or climb the Makovytsa or Khomiak mountains. At the local souvenir market you can buy gifts for everyone. You can watch inspiring church architecture and see the usual life of the gutsuls. Or you can rent a bicycle, 4-wheeler, jeep. Extreme sports enthusiasts will like rafting. And on the outskirts, the tourists collect the mushrooms, berries and medicinal herbs.


There are 11 health resorts and 6 health camps, health care centers, recreation facilities, and tourist camps. The main specialization is respiratory diseases, nervous disorders, cardiovascular diseases. The resort provides the following treatment procedures:

  • walks,
  • drinking mineral waters,
  • pine and mineral baths,
  • inhalation,
  • massage,
  • physiotherapy.

The climate itself facilitates general health improvement.


Both comfort lovers and people with a limited budget will find the accommodation. For example, an apartment can cost from 5 to 60 euro. The one can stay at a private cottage or family hotel with 3 or 4 stars.


The wooden restaurant made with no nail Gutsulshchyna will provide the guests with the traditional meals – banosh, bryndza, chanakhy, deruny, and many others.


The winter celebrations can be spent in the local atmosphere – the gutsul traditions are strictly followed and all holidays are celebrated according to the rules, that include the holiday dishes, Christmas carols (koliadky and shchedrivky), festivities and divination. You can be either an active participant or spectator of the celebrations.

And the souvenir market is full of crafted masterpieces – ceramics, pysanky, kotsy etc.


Spring and summer are the best time for budget tourism – prices are much lower at this period.

Yaremche has become the visit card of the Carpathian and the popular resort with its authenticity.


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