Pearl of the Black Sea

The big trading city, health resort center with rich culture and local attractions is situated on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea. The population of the city is over 1 million residents. You can get to Odessa by plain as long as there is the international airport connecting different countries. Or you can travel by bus within the Ukrainian territory.

The main street of Odessa is Derybasivska, and each tourist should walk here. Primorsky Boulevard is also perfect for calm promenade. Both central and outlying districts of Odessa are interesting to explore. It is impossible to list all the must-visit places. We will pay attention to some of them. However, if you can, add more to your traveling list.

Popular attractions:

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre
Potemkin Stairs
Odessa Catacombs
Cable railway
Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Part
Odessa Transfiguration Cathedral
Duke de Richelieu monument
Vorontsov Palace
Primorsky Boulevard

Essential expanses


In Odessa, either hotel or apartment is usually chosen for staying. The apartment will cost 12 euro per night with price increasing in summer, and it is a good option for a group of friends. For one person a hotel is more convenient. The room per night in a hotel will be 10-11 euro. Adventure travelers can choose a hostel. Zirka, Atrium, Central Hotel, Mini-hotel in Odessa Yard – all these hotels will help you to keep your budget within the limits. Comfort lovers prefer to stay in a network hotel at a higher price.


There are many trolley routes in the city immersing you into the local traditions and real Odessa life. The trolley routes connect all city corners, and cost for one trip is 0.1 euro. There are also buses, trolleybuses, and route taxi for 0.3 euro. Taxi is the most rapid means of transport, where, additionally, you will hear a few Odessa jokes. In addition to the standard means of transport, there is also cable railroad in Odessa. A ticket costs 0.1 euro. It will take you wherever you want and allow you to see the inspiring sea view. And you will enjoy voyage by small boat, paddleboat and pleasure boat with the soft sea wind and sunny splashes.


The Odessa food is considered the most delicious. Many people believe it is better than Kyiv cuisine. Bt the only chance to know is to try both. You can buy food in the supermarkets or cook on your own to save the budget money, but you must try the local cuisine. Steak House. Meat and Wine, restaurant-café Maman, Roastery by Odessa, Gogol-Mogol, famous restaurant network Kompot, theater café Bufet, mussel-oriented restaurant Kotelok and many others will give you the best memories. There are the cheap restaurants and cafes where you can have meal for 2.5-3 euro – Shaurman, Zhariu-Pariu, Puzata Khata, dining place Shkvarka, Bufet-Stolovaiya.


Budget for a week

You can spare much money if choose an apartment on the outskirts and eat in a supermarket or in the recommended cafes. Then your week budget would be 88-176 euro. If you’d like to live a high life and experience the Odessa life in all aspects, then be ready to pay 880-1320 euro. Odessa has a bunch of great places for that.


When going around the city you can use Uber taxi service at a reasonable price. You can call a taxi using free WI-FI at a bus/railway station or in the airport.
The free buses are moving around the city taking passengers to the local shopping and leisure centers.
Buy Odessa Card to significantly economize. It allows you to visit 20 tourist attractions and have the big discounts for the museums, galleries, restaurants, hotels. The free activities include a short sea trip and Odessa cuisine tasting.
When choosing accommodation you can try Сouchsurfing – the social network where you can find the residents to stay in. The web site checks its users for trustiness that is why it is quite safety option.

What else you can do in Odessa

Odessa is one of the most popular resorts to hang out at the beach and experience new adventures. There are a lot of theaters for the judges of art. The galleries and museums are open for the junkies of the history excursions. The parks and Path of Health will keep up the healthy lifestyle followers.

One more must-visit place is Potemkin square that is a symbol of the city. Its design ensures easy going downstairs. When looking down, the stairs seem straight-run, but when looking up all 192 stairs are visible in perspective. The whole staircase extends for 142 meters.

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