Cultural capital in Ukraine

Lviv is situated in western Ukraine. The city was established in the 13 century by the King Daniel of Galicia. The city has a very long history. Despite the active life style, there are still houses and architectural buildings erected when the city was established. In the 16-17 century, many rich city residents invited European architects to have a building with a unique design. That is why appearance of the city is extraordinary and diverse.

Lviv is a cultural capital of the country, where its European part is the Old City district. The residents love their native city, and any tourist or guest can experience it. The cozy cafes, tasty fancy bread, live music playing on the streets, different cultural events and beautiful architectural buildings can not leave you indifferent.

Popular attractions:

Market Square
High Castle
The Korniakt Palace and its Italian yard
Armenian Cathedral
Town Hall
Open-air gallery “Something interesting” (in Ukrainian Shchos Tsikave)
The Bernardine Church and Monastery
The Potocki Palace
Lviv Opera

Essential expanses


The city is full of hostels that are situated in a place convenient for the tourists. You can spend 7 euro per night in an ancient house where you will be provided with a bed and breakfast. The hotels in Lviv are not so expensive as hostels and are quite affordable – starting from 9-10 euro per day. The apartments on a daily basis are also available.


It is easier to travel around the city on foot so that you can see more interesting places and make stops near attractive spots. Moreover, coffee breaks at cafes to taste famous Lviv coffee will make fascinating any walk whatever the weather. In addition, different public transport means go around the city, like route taxi (0.2 euro), tramway (0.1 euro), taxi (the cheapest one is Ekonom-taxi). Recently the bicycle rental has been opened, that can make your walk more interesting. The most remote city corners are connected by the trolley buses. You can rent a car, even at the airport, to go to the Carpathian or any other town or city of Western Ukraine.


Lviv is the food paradise. The café with the style of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army dugout Kryivka, special style café Masoch, House of Legends and many other restaurants, each one with its specialty. Food diversity here is impressive – from the dainty dishes to the local cuisine. Prices are affordable for any budget. The local cuisine differs from the traditional Ukrainian one as having been influenced by the Polish and Transcarpathian culture. Flaki (meat stew), Lviv syrnyky (fried quark pancakes), pliatsky, pancakes… Each restaurant or café, in addition to the tasty food, will provide special interior and history.

The cafeteria in Lviv is worthy of special attention. Here coffee is very tasty which is made as an art masterpiece.


Budget for a week

In Lviv food is not expensive, because it is a zest of the city. At minimum expenses, the budget for a week will be 62-88 euro. The maximum expenses are limited only by your personal capability but be sure you will always find something here to spend money for.


When traveling around the city use Uber taxi service, the minimum price for trip is 0.4 euro.
Staying in a hostel will cost from 4.5 euro. You can book accommodation on the websites providing you with more affordable prices and additional warranties.
The city attractions can be at low cost or even for free. For example, the National Museum-Memorial of Victims of the Occupation Regimes, or the Prison on Łącki (Street), trumpet music, Lviv churches and cathedrals, picturesque buildings on the Market Square, House of Legends, the High Castle, street musicians.
From June to October 4 times per week the free excursions are held – the Old City, the High Castle Mountain, legend bars and cafes of the city.

What else you can do in Lviv

The history of Lviv has been lasting for many centuries, so it is very rich and eventful. Each house has its special atmosphere and mood. When walking down the city streets a tourist can find himself in some European country. At the same time, Lviv retains its own soul. To understand it you should visit, for example, the Lviv coffee mine. It is located in the center, so you can easily find it. Here coffee is presented in different types proving that Lviv is the coffee capital.

Also, you should visit the High Castle, the highest spot of Lviv with 413 m height. You will remember the breathtaking view showing the whole city. The list of the must-visit attractions is very long giving any tourist an opportunity to make a list according to personal preferences. Follow our blog to find more ideas for your dream trip to Lviv.


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