The first capital of Ukraine

The second largest population city in Ukraine is an educational and scientific center. It is located in the northeast of the country. Kharkiv was established in the second mid-to-late XVII century. The city population is one and a half million residents. After the establishment of USSR Kharkiv was the capital of Ukraine. It is especially attractive for the tourists thanks to the variety of churches and cathedrals.

The tourists start learning the city from Pryvokzalna Square with its unique architecture and fountains. Freedom Square, the sixth largest square in Europe, will provide different options that should be considered when traveling.

Popular attractions

Freedom Square
Derzhprom building
Spired building
Aquapark “Jungle”
Kharkiv Disneyland
Monument of Victory (Mirror Stream)
Sarzhyn Yar park
Kharkiv botanic garden
Kharkiv Museum of sex and world sexual cultures

Essential expenses


The budget choice for accommodation in Kharkiv is hostels (6-7 euros). Some hostels are situated near the railway station. To visit the tourist attractions it is better to stay near the subway. The cost per night in cheap hotels can be 3 euro. Primary booking will help to spare money and provide additional warranties that the selected room with the chosen facilities will be available.


The basic means of transport are tramways and trolleybuses (0.1 euro). You can get to the required destination by subway (0.2 euro) or route taxi. Additionally, there is a cableway connecting Sumska Street and the Pavlov Pole neighborhood. Duration of the route is 18 minutes. Of course, such a trip is not so comfortable and quick, but picturesque and exciting.


Puzata Khata café will provide cheap but tasty and substantial dinner for 3.5 – 4.5 euro. The tourists with a bigger budget can visit Nasha datcha or Tanuki. The gourmands can find restaurants with any cuisine.


Budget for a week

It is enough 70-100 euro for a week. If you rent an apartment, you can cook food by yourselves. You can find accommodation for any budget if you start searching for a place for staying beforehand. Those who like to walk will both see more attractions and spare money; however, the tramway and trolleybus tickets are not expensive.


There are no tokens in the subway. That is why if you are going to stay for a long time, it is recommended to buy an electronic card. For a one-time trip, it is enough to buy a ticket at the terminal before the ticket barrier.
Rental of an apartment on a daily basis is cost-efficiently. It gives you advantages if you book it beforehand.
The routes for locals are not always specified in the standard maps but may be more interesting than excursions. Additionally, you can have a walk and spare money for public transport.
Kharkiv is a really big city, that is why don’t worry if get confused with the transport routes. That is why it is better to choose accommodation in the downtown area.

What else you can do in Kharkiv

Kharkiv is one of the five most visited Ukrainian cities. Thus, the excursions and accommodation are more expensive. However, a good solution is always can be found. For example, Freedom Square provides cheap or free of charge entertainments. Its size is impressive – 14 ha and the six biggest square in Europe. A small town can be located on its territory. Many different events, concerts, and fairs are held here. And the streets around it have a form of a circle that is vividly seen from above. For example, from the Derzhprom building that was added to UNESCO world heritage. It is a symbol of constructionism of 63 m height, or 108 m considering the TV tower spire.

In Kharkiv as a cultural center, there are many theaters – the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after N. V. Lysenko, Kharkiv Ukrainian Drama Theatre named after T. Shevchenko, the music comedy theatre and others. The concert halls, museums, philharmonic are also the places the residents are proud of and the tourists can visit. The hospitable city welcomes new guests.



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