The famous mount Hoverla of 2,061 m is located in the Carpathian Mountains in the Chornohora region. Covered with snow sometimes even in summer Hoverla is a dream for many people. Ascent of the mountain has become one of the most popular routes for the tourists. And after climbing the mountain top which is a flat area, the one can have a picnic to celebrate the ascent. From the top you can see a wonderful view of the Sub-Carpathian. Hoverla is a part of the Carpathian nature reserve.

The route to the mountain – firstly to Ivano-Frankivsk or Lviv, then to your place of staying – Yaremche, Vorochta, Rakhiv. From there the buses are going regularly.


Weather on the mountain is unpredictable and severe. In summer even when it is hot the grey clouds may occur, and it may start snowing. It is very windy. It often rains and when it is a storm, there is a danger to get a thunder stroke.

Interesting attractions

The Chornohora mountain range with Hoverla is one of the most popular places for excursions. This range is the main landscape attraction in the region. Each year thousands of the climbers, scientists, and tourists visit the region. The view from Hoverla is wide and picturesque. You can see Ivano-Frankivsk, Sniatyn, the Rodna mountains, Gorgany.

Hoverla has a flat pyramid form. At the mountain base the source of the Prut river starts, and a little further on the eastern side the water streams from the rock creating the massive waterfall of 80 m height – the highest waterfall in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Hoverla has many legends.

Climbing the mountain takes about 3 hours, and descent of the mountain lasts for 2-2.5 hours. The route starts in the Vorokhta village.

The amateurs can go climbing from May till November. The professional climbers can win the mountain top all year round.

The route to the top is going through a few climate zones:

fir forest zone, up to 1700 m above sea level
dwarfy crook forest (Alpine pine, Siberian juniper) – 1900 m
Alpine meadows

A few monuments are settled on the mountain top:

the granite slab with the capsules conserving the ground from all Ukrainian regions
the metal cross
the concrete obelisk, marble Tryzub

Also, the colors of other states whose residents climbed here are established.


Air on the mountain is sweet-scented thanks to the flourishing herbs and conifers, that is very good for the health and nervous system. However, not each one can climb the top. First of all, be sure you don’t have cardiovascular diseases, high arterial tension, varicosis and other diseases that can recur when climbing.


You can stay in Yaremche, Vorohta, Rakhiv. It can be either a tourist hotel, homestay or recreation camp with cost per night from 2.5 to 3.5 euro. The ascent takes one day.



Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, the best choice will be the boots for tracking or trainers. Remember about treacherous weather in the mountains, that is why in summer take a windbreaker jacket. Also, take trousers or jeans, because you will need to go through the spinescent herbs.
A rain poncho will come in hand as well.
Pack your bag with the most essential things, like water, sandwiches, light sleeping mat.
You can get to the mountain on your own without excursion group on foot. It will be cheaper, but more difficult, especially, for the beginners. Think twice whether you need to spare your money for supporting group.

Hoverla hiking will become one of the most vivid memories in life for those who dared. You will remember forever the views from the top and be proud of your achievement.


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