City of Harry Potter

Chernivtsi is situated in the south-western Ukraine on the right bank of the River Prut near the border with Romania. The city is an administrative center of the Chernivtsi region and cultural center of the Western Ukraine. In XVII-XVIII centuries the Austrian architects created a unique design of the city.

Many tourists come here just to look at the architectural compositions. Despite the population of 266,00 residents the city was called “Little Vienna”. During government of Austria-Hungary the main empire university was established here introducing Chernivtsi as a scientific and cultural center of Austria-Hungary. Today many people compare the building of the university with Hogwarts.

Popular attractions

University (or Residency of metropolitan)
Turkish Square
The Town hall on the Central square
Roman Catholic Church of Raising of the Holy Cross
Armenian Church
St. Nicolas Cathedral (or Drunk church)
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit
Art Museum

Essential expenses


Accommodation in Chernivtsi is cheap both in the hotels and apartments. The hotel network is advanced here, that is why it is easy to find the place for staying without prior booking.


Public transport in the city is very cheap. For example, the route taxi ticket is 0.13 euro, the ticket for trolleybus is half as much. For 2.2 euro you can go around the whole city by taxi. Considering the city size you can walk on foot through many routes with a double advantage – you will see the city and spare your money.


The cafes and restaurants offer the Ukrainian and European cuisine. However, there are the places where you can taste the cuisine of other cultures. For example, Brystol restaurant is specialized in both the traditional cuisine and the Georgian and Japanese. Vienna cafeteria provides the Austrian cuisine correspondingly. Consider the house specialty – the Gutsul banush. It is worth tasting to judge the local dishes.


Budget for a week

Accommodation and food in Chernivtsi do not require heavy spending, that is why a little budget is enough to plan the entertainments. Even the most sophisticated tourist will stay satisfied with the budget of 265 euro.


A trip to Chernivtsi can be continued thanks to mountain hiking – there is ski resort “Soniachna dolyna” 20 km from the city, and more complex resort “Mygovo” is 60 km away from Chernivtsi.
The squares and parks have free WI-FI. And the benches on the Soborna Square are equipped with the battery recharges.
It is recommended to book the tickets in advance – it will be cheaper and easier to get to the destination.
Autumn is a good season for traveling as well as summer. However, the prices in the autumn season are lower.

What else you can do in Chernivtsi

Each house, square or street in Chernivtsi can be considered as a point of interest. It is not for nothing that they call the city “a little Paris”, because you can feel the heart of Europe beating here. Although you can foot the whole city, each corner is worthy of admiring. The most picturesque place is Olga Kobylianska Street with no transport traffic, and many touristic tours start right here. Chernivtsi is open and hospitable for the tourists. The city is child-friendly, so there are many amusements centers and entertainment parks to spend time with the children. In this case, it is better to plan everything beforehand. The romantic tour to Chernivtsi will make the relations more sweet and spicy. There are many places for the photo shoot session (for example, the Heart of Love), and the Botanical garden will be a perfect location for fresh experience and emotions.


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