Northern beauty

The second largest city after Kyiv. Chernihiv was mentioned in history for the first time in 907. This northern region offers leisure activities for those who are interested in the culture and history of Ukraine.

The city is a fantastic place full of greenery and coziness. There are many architectural and historical monuments, and the city territory is very clean. The tourists will not get lost thanks to the information signs around the city. It is of prime importance as long as the city is one of the first in Ukraine in a number of the architectural and historical buildings and landmarks. The third part of them is the monuments of the pre-Mongolian period that were preserved in the country.

It is better to start learning the city from the Val, an ancient princely yard, the cultural city center with the biggest amount of the historical landmarks and museums.

Popular attractions:

Krasna Ploshcha
Chernihiv Val
Church of St. Borys and Hlib
Catherine’s church
Anthony’s Caves
Mazepa’s House
Hulbishche Burial Mound
Tarnovsky Museum of antiques
St. Illya Church

Essential expenses


The most popular accommodation in Chernihiv is an apartment on a daily basis. You can find apartment for 6.5 euro per night. The hotels also offer their services, however, the prices are significantly higher – a room for one person can cost 19 euro. There are hostels as well that are even cheaper than the apartments – from 5 euro.


The public transport in Chernihiv is not expensive. A ticket on the route taxi costs only 0.15 euro. The buses and trolleybuses will be cheaper but they do not so fast. The taxi prices are affordable, especially when a car is called from the application in comparison with the flagged taxi. The fans of a healthy lifestyle will find bicycle rental, but the prices depend on rental duration and day of the week.


The national cuisine in Chernihiv is worthy of tasting. It is even difficult to choose the place for eating out because of a variety of restaurants and cafes. Wherever you go, there is a special atmosphere and a celebration of tastes. The specialty will be borshch and varenyky with different stuff. The one can choose from the concept restaurants, like the meat pastry café “Dzhentelmeny udachi” with the prison interior design. Another wonderful place is the Ukrainian restaurant “Hriak”.


Budget for a week

Chernihiv is the best option for the maximum enjoy at minimum expenses. The eventful leisure program with good accommodation and food will cost around 70-88 euro. The walking tours will add positive memories and save your budget.


Booking the hostel or hotel, as well as the apartment will spare your money.
The numerous information signs around the city can help to work out the route without a tour guide.
Optionally, you can order an excursion around the city to learn more. It will be cheaper to order from the website.
Traveling in the off-peak season will substantially cut your expenses.

What else you can do in Chernihiv

Chernihiv is one of the most ancient cities in Ukraine. It is very attractive for travelers and lay not far away from the capital. Its location allows to include this city to the traveling program. The oldest part of the city is Detinets – a fortified city on the territory of Chernihiv. It is embanked and has a deep ditch as additional protection. The bright element of Detinets is the gunnery ready for the enemies attack. On the bank territory, the monument of Taras Shevchenko is located where anybody can sit nearby.

The one can see the city from a bird’s eye view from the Trinity monastery. The city in full view welcome travelers to walk down its streets. You can find more information about travelling in Chernihiv.


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