Resort location


The popular ski resort Bukovel is situated in Ivano-Frankivsk region not far away from Polianytsia village. The nearest city is Yaremche. If traveling by plane, then it is better to fly to the Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk airports that are 100 km away from Bukovel. The resort was artificially created, and its geographical center is the Lake of Youth, sized 750m×140m with a depth of 15m. The complex is welcoming the guests in winter offering the ski tracks on the artificial ski slopes. In summer the area is perfect for tourism, mountain hiking, and swimming or fishing in the lake.


The resort is located in the moderately continental zone, that is why the climate here is soft and comfortable. The area is hidden by the Carpathian Mountains from the winds.

What is included in the resort

The resort area includes the nearest mountains and residential places on the hill slopes and in the meadows. There are five distinct mountains in the area:

Chorna Kleva
Babyn Pohar

Each mountain has the tracks of different complexity, each with its peculiarity, 63 in total, and length of each one from 300m to 2,300m.

Attractions and structure

The high mountains get covered with snow very early and stay in winter condition for a very long time.

It is rarely windy, but in the case of “green” winter the snow making machines are used. During the season the resort has 16 ski lifts and multlifts. The tracks are illuminated at night. There are sports equipment rentals, the instructor school, and parking.



There is a variety of activities – classic ski, snowboards, snow bikes, four-wheelers. The experienced people who have tried all styles and equipment should visit snowpark, where the professional trainer will teach leaps and leap with full a turn. The winterpark attraction “Big-Airbag” is available, where you can jump from the ramp on the big air pillow.

Children will spend a great time at the resort as well. The training school for children works here. Additionally, there are play areas. And since 2014 the children’s camp Artek-Bukovel has been working on a non-stop-studying basis.


The local lake is a decent alternative for sea with water ski, kayak, wakeboard, paddleboats, jet skiing, diving school.

Additionally to water sports, there are such activities as:

  • climbing wall,
  • horse riding around the Carpathian,
  • four-wheeler tour,
  • excursions around Western Ukraine,
  • cycling,
  • paintball, airsoft,
  • summerhouses to have a quiet time,
  • fishing,
  • FlySurf.

In spring and autumn, Bukovel will be welcoming guests. Eco-tourism, fresh grass, and flowers, collecting berries and mushrooms, perennial rich nature will fill your soul and body giving the life the tones of a miracle.


Thanks to the mineral waters the resort is a balneological center providing the health improvement services:

  • massage,
  • spa,
  • sauna.

The vacation will be not only a pleasure but helpful for people with weak health.


There are hotel compounds on the resort territory. However, one can find the place for staying in some private hotel nearby. In most private hotels there is a service of taking their guests by bus to the lift.


There are cafes and restaurants within the resort territory with the prices for any tourist.


Finally, among different activities the night club, ice rink, fitness center, the Gutsul amusements, karaoke, pills, bowling are available at the resort.


  1. To save money it is recommended to pay attention to the beginning and ending of the season when the discounts are available.
  2. Advance booking provides some discount as well.  

Thanks to the developed infrastructure Bukovel is considered a resort of the European level for the most sophisticated tourist.


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