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Hookah is not just fashionable and harmless entertainment, but also a way to relax after a hard day’s work. This Eastern tradition was successfully adopted by many Kyiv places. But not all of them can boast of a good hookah menu. How to choose a hookah, where you can relax with the company, together with the other half, or alone with your thoughts? Today we have prepared for you a small overview of the five places in Kyiv, where smoking high-quality, good hookah will be a real pleasure for you. So, dive into a cloud of fragrant smoke and let it take us to places in Kyiv, such as:

Par Bar

interer-par-bar-na-solomenke-3-1024x576  For lovers of smoky entertainment, in the center of Kiev, namely – on Shota Rustaveli street, 10, there is a great place that breaks all the stereotypes about hookah bars. The restaurant is not made in the Oriental style, there are no frills – here you will find a comfortable loft with high ceilings, and the city can be seen through large panoramic windows. Sit on soft, comfortable furniture and order a hookah with one of the types of tobacco – Serbetli, Starbuzz, Fumari, Nakhla, Social smoke, Tangiers, Darkside. You will be able to collect a hookah – having chosen a bowl and fruit. On the first floor of the place you can use the PlayStation with a wide range of games.

4844 Outlaw Bar

kalyan-1024x683  Not far from the metro station “Klovskaya” there is a “robber’s corner” – 4844 Outlaw Bar, but do not be afraid, this is only the name and a tribute to the entourage. Nobody’s going to rob anybody. On the contrary, you can relax and sit at the address Klovsky descent, 13. The restaurant is located in a pre-revolutionary building, in a two-level room, dominated by peaceful turquoise tones with gray and blue accents, gold and brass unobtrusively complement the interior. You can choose the most comfortable and attractive hookah – from design to classic. The menu includes Al Fakher, Serbetli, Fumari, Nakhla, Social smoke, Tangiers, Darkside with different tastes.


MOCCO-boutique-restaurant-4-1024x683  Right in the heart of Kiev, on Khreshchatyk, in the legendary Passage, there is a wonderful boutique restaurant Mocco. You can find it at the address Khreshchatyk str 15 / 4. Refined classic interior with a predominance of beige tones is a feature of the restaurant for more than 15 years. It serves three types of gourmet cuisine – Asian, European and Ukrainian. Hookah menu contains an impressive selection of tobacco and fruit bowls, and several varieties of fruit pyramids. In addition to hookah, you can enjoy an excellent wine list or order a signature cocktail – as your heart desires.


22553844-1698568186851796-167807-59e73a9743d2c-1024x682  Dream of an exotic hookah of good quality, but do not like to wait long? Visit Avalon on the street Leontovicha, 3. The highlight of the place is almost “reactive” delivery – you will have your hookah within three to five minutes after ordering. If you wait for a hookah more than ten minutes, you may not pay for it. The hookah menu contains a huge variety of tobacco and the largest number of fruit bowls – you can order a hookah in pineapple or orange – and exotic cactus or pitahaya.


ZUMA-1024x576  At the address Sports square, 1, there is a Japanese restaurant Mr. Zuma. It is worth visiting not only for hookahs, but also for the best summer terrace in Kyiv. You can order hookahs both on water, and on milk or wine with fruit thicket from grapefruit, apple, coconut, pineapple or cactus. Here you can enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine in a new way with cocktails from chef Andrei Kuzhavsky, the owner of the prestigious award Bar Spirit Cup.

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