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Near the stone bridges, you feel some special admiration and tranquility: buildings for centuries give confidence that not everything in this world is shaky and fleeting. So, next to these bridges, you can not only indulge in philosophy, but also admire the surroundings of the cities , as well as make a lot of wonderful photos for memory. We bring to your attention the top 5 most outstanding stone bridges of Ukraine, which you should definitely visit.

The bridge through the river Ingul (Kropyvnytskyi)

ingul-1024x682  The building, located in the North-West of Kropyvnytskyi (former Kirovograd) was built in the 60s of the XIX century, and has been serving people for more than 150 years. Only the metal part has been changed, and the stone pillars remained unchanged. The purpose of the bridge is railway, it has only one track.

Viaduct bridge between Donetskiy and Golubovka (Kirovsk)

1556525433221174430-1024x768  In the vicinity of Kirovsk, between the villages of Donetskiy and Golubovka, there stands a century-old, working bridge-viaduct. World war II severely damaged it, after the end of the fights it was reconstructed. The bridge is 170 meters long and 40 meters high.

Turkish bridge (Kamenets-Podolsky)

749  In the city of Kamenets-Podolsky, which is famous for its numerous monuments, there is one of the oldest bridges in Ukraine – Turkish bridge. The only one in the world, it was built along the river. Built in the middle ages, at first it was wooden, but after a fire that destroyed it almost completely, it became stone. 88-meter in length and 27-meter in height, the bridge was repeatedly reconstructed, but remained the same spectacular and beautiful.

Austrian bridge (Vorokhta)

vor  Another interesting bridge is located in the city of Vorokhta near Ivano-Frankivsk. There is a cascade of stone bridges, but the most beautiful and noteworthy among them is the Austrian. It was built in the late 19 century, when Vorokhta was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The largest part of the bridge has a length of 130 meters, and the length of one of the arches is 65 meters.
This is one of the longest and oldest stone bridges not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.
In 2000, a new bridge was built nearby, which is now used by railway trains. The old Austrian is no longer functioning and has received the status of a historical monument.

Viaduct (Plebanovka)

ac2a064e466671b4798fca74e0bcdb3c1ac31012  Viaduct bridge in the village of Plebanovka near Ternopil was built in 1896. Perhaps this is the only bridge, which during the reconstruction has retained its original appearance and remained valid.


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